Bad Art Salon 2011

I follow artist Corinna Spencer on twitter @Corr_ and she mentioned that she had entered her work into the Bad Art Salon .
The Bad Art Salon is part of the Vintage at Goodwood Festival, the annual music and fashion led celebration of creative British cool from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s, featuring the leading DJs, bands, collectors, purveyors of vintage clothing and vintage vinyl from each decade, as well as contemporary bands and brands inspired by Britain’s rich creative and cultural heritage.
I decided to enter Attack of the 10,000 Foot Macaw because it is terrible, hilarious and entirely stupid.
As such, it was accepted and will be exhibited.
Last year up to 50,000 people saw the work at the Bad Art Salon, and the chances of me ever getting a piece of work shown at the Southbank Centre under any other circumstances are very slim so I am really rather pleased with myself.

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