Texas Flea market deer skull - WIP

I bought a white deer skull from a man at a flea market in Texas
I haggled him down to $40 for it after contemplating the ramifications of buying such a large thing, getting it home via another 6 or so states and a flight. 

I thought I had done quite well getting it so cheap, but found myself worrying about getting it back to the UK from pretty much the second the money changed hands. 
For the last week of the trip, I couldn't sleep thinking about the logistics of bringing the thing home, and eventually ended up spending rather too much money on the world's largest suitcase in order to secure the skull a space on the plane with me. 
It made it in one piece, sandwiched between knickers and sleeping bags and after ordering an imitation gold leaf kit, i set to work on making it fancy.

Turquoise and gold are the colour of the deserts of Arizona and Texas.

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  1. You are mad for carrying this round with you on your trip!!! ;) Saying that it looks ace in these colours and a great momento x