O. hay, I went to India and stuff...

a cruise ship

the Arabian Sea

read some ironic publications...

Mumbai docks, we had no visa so we weren't allowed off the boat

Mumbai is covered in soot, it makes the brightly coloured vehicles pop

You'll get strap marks, love

save the whales

Goa port

in New Mangalore the authorities decided they would grant us temporary visas, for a price.

 Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Mangalore

part of a water feature in the gardens of  Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, beautiful carvings

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple. there was a beautifully carved door on one of the buildings but i didn't get a good photo

a laundry in Cochin

washing lines

he was a proficient ironer, no women seemed to work at the laundry


a bike in the garden of Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, one of the oldest churches in Cochin, and also the whole of India. 

at St. Francis CSI Church in Cochin, which was originally built in 1503, this man was fixing badly bottom-damaged pews 
 this is the oldest European church in India

Chinese fishing nets

he wasn't impressed with her

fish discussions

it was 'formal night' stocking feet are a must, natch.

Muscat, Oman docks

JSF on a speed boat

incase you hadn't noticed, those are some rocks

arabian haircut

Muscat street


Seven Wonders Trading

Mutrah Souq

you may do nothing in Dubai's port, behave yourself.

baffling sweet shop game

Dubai Mall's ice rink. yes, ice rink.

clandestine pork purchase room

Sheik Sheik Sheik

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