Midsummer Watch - School Workshop

Hey Russell, which is your hou....oh never mind...

On Monday I got the chance to work with the lovely children at Newton School in Chester. Each year, different schools participate in the Midsummer Watch Parade by making work on sticks around the themes of the larger puppets which they walk with during the parade. Newton School, this year, were producing ravens.

The interesting thing about these ravens is that despite their relatively simple construction, each one is very individual and striking, no two are the same at all. It was good to work at troubleshooting and problem solving with the kids, I helped a little with the initial cutting out but after that I didn't really help any more with the construction. When asked if I would cut something out by individual children I encouraged them to do it on their own by suggesting how they might go about it. Some of the kids were much more responsive than others, but that is the nature of small humans. Nobody had a tantrum and the finished ravens looked really great, so in all it was a great success. 

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