Pack of Wolves - Once Upon Again

--> I travelled down to Cardiff to see the current Pack of Wolves exhibition at Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff
An exhibition of fairy tale inspired work by the Pack of Wolves art collective
It was a nice exhibition but I feel a bit like my work didn't quite fit with the other pieces as they were all very much based on traditional fairy tales whereas mine was based on one of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories; and was, to be fair, a little less dark.
They looked good installed though and it was brilliant to see some of Layla Holzer's creepy puppets in real, I don't think I will be sleeping soundly for many weeks to come...
The show finishes on the 9th March, but hopefully will be going down to London in the Summer.
Watch this space!

My reinterpretation of Rudyard Kipling's How the Leopard got its Spots is in THIS blog post, and it's a right laugh

 Hipster Skin Rug
 Businessman Skin Rug
 One of Layla's puppets
 Rapunzel by Layla Holzer and Spike Dennis
Marie-Louise Plum

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