Hair Update

It is beginning to drive me mad.

I am in two minds about having it cut, just to tidy it up so I don't look like a gorgon
I find my hair has a direct effect on the way I feel about myself.
Good hair days and bad hair are an indication to the way I will feel for the rest of the day.
most days are bad hair days. 

The texture of it is so fine that a mere puff of wind mats it into a felt-like substance, subsequent brushing leads to broken hair and knots in my brush. The sheer mass of it means that this isn't really a problem effecting the thickness, but I have a number of mad little hairs that make it look like I have had my hands on a Van de Graaff Generator... 

Father thinks it's wonderful, he doesn't like it when I wear my hair short because it is not a proper girl's hair cut.
He himself is going bald and refuses to shave his head and remove the little hair he has left, which in my opinion makes him look much more elderly than his years. He won't let go, he's always had very well presented hair; clearly there is a strong emotional connection with hair just within the family.

I have a number of silver hairs, which daily make me contemplate my own mortality. 
I can't deal with it
It does, however, keep my ears warm when I am at work. Which is nice.

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