Midsummer Watch Workshop - Facial Friday

I spent the whole day working to finish my green man's head as far as possible.
I recycled camping sleeping mat and used it to build out the features,  give the face more texture and add a little visual interest. 

I was stood looking at the moodboard we had, and liked the green men with tongues/ tendrils coming out of their open mouths; quite a recurrent theme in traditional green men.

So I gave him a tongue.

I looked at his tongue and the curlicues that I'd added to his cheeks, and thought it made him look a little bit like he was performing a Maori Haka, so gave him some eyebrows too. Quite fun

Once happy with the extra bits , I had to latex and paper over them, at length.

I then repainted a base coat, and started adding different tones of green.

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