Week in Pictures

a busy week it's been too.
last Sunday I visited MAS camp to help the Nexus Art Cafe crue in building things for their Manchester Day Parade float.
I'm good friends with Hannah Mosley, Nexus's charity manager, and she mentioned the floats they were building used the same withy-frame technique as the ones on Midsummer Watch; she suggested i come and give a hand and after getting completely lost near Granada Studios that is exactly what I did.

this will be a giant teapot

Eilidh, the assistant artist, introduced me to the rats heads that the group were making, and I got stuck in.

centre cane gives really beautiful curvilinear shapes between the withy structure

I left it at this point, but vowed to return to finish later in the week

On Tuesday I was at Manchester Art Gallery; I'm working with Natasha Howes, Exhibitions curator, on the We Face Forward exhibition. This will be a showcase of new work by 33 artists from 11 different West African countries.

I have been putting together welcome packs for the artists who will be visiting over the opening weekend. 

This week I scrapped the #tweetart pieces I had made as they looked pants, and started again. 

this is a poodle doing a shit

more when it's finished....

On Wednesday I went to finish my rat head off

Looks alright doesn't it?

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