Running with Wolves at Stockholm Fringe festival

 I'm off to Sweden tomorrow

The Pack of Wolves is going to be making an appearance at Stockholm Fringe Festival to give wolf mask making workshops throughout the festival, ending with a flashmob wherein people will don their masks and go on a bit of a jaunt around central Stockholm.
Each day of the festival we will be doing free workshops and a procession around the Kulturhuset, which is the base of STOFF.
If you happen to be in Stockholm around 21st - 24th of Aug, come and see us and get involved.
We have made mask templates for you to decorate, which will be available each day.

For more information about the festival and the Pack of Wolves workshops, check the website

If you find yourself Running With Wolves on any of the days, keep an eye out for me; I will be the maniac with five eyes and a toothy grin.

 Wolf Mask, paper, liquid latex, false fur, acrylic teeth, teddy bear eyes

I have to say, I prefer the back

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