Time out, Scalpels, Stitches, Boxes

Recently, I have not been making art, not as much as I should and not as much as I would like to.
This is due to a few things, one of those being that I had a cosmetic procedure to make good some aesthetic issues caused by a childhood of obesity.

Another is that, due to my failings as an independent adult human being, I have had to move back into my parent's house; something I have always point blank refused to do. HOWEVER, if I am to save enough money to buy illicit drugs pay my way when I (hopefully) move down to London for a masters next year, then I must put into practice some cost cutting measures. The first of these is to sever ties with a blood sucking, dog-hating landlady, and all of the bills associated with living in a two bed damp shithole on my own.

Currently I am living out of boxes and painting a spare room white in order that I might have a studio. I was sold the lie of "everything will be ready when you move in", in reality I have had to move everything into the garage and sort through every cupboard in the house in order to find places for my belongings.

The logistics of fitting a two bedroom terraced house into two rooms is taking up much of my think space.
I did get to go to the tip yesterday though.
Which is nice.
Please find these images in place of finished work for the time being, I will have some horrible stuff ready to assault your eyes with very soon.
That's not to say some of these images aren't horrible

The drain


they took approximately 400g of flesh and fat
I wish they had taken a pound

I have started a new cross stitch in my convalescence, then had to move house so it's come to a stand still

Found a collage about men I forgot I had made

I think this is not finished yet. I had forgotten about it anyway.

Serendipity is my lover

exactly what you expect to find in a biscuit tin beneath a load of paint 

I left this in an alleyway

that's probably what the smell was then...

sadness of white walls

Half-packed studio. Leave the porn til' last. 

It's my moving hat. 

Important objects

wait, what?

cheers to the front room

 new studio... pre painting 


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