New Folk Visionaries

The Pack of Wolves have been at it again, this time inviting Mark Scott-Wood into the group to add a little cardboard pzazz.

The exhibition of five emerging artists on the fringe of the "Art World" celebrates what it is to be an outsider within the new academy of trend and celebrity. We don't care what is selling, we make for the joy of it, we are driven by more than a desire for wealth and acclaim; in this way we follow in the footsteps of folk and outsider artists, eager to explore ways to reconnect art making to the visceral, ancient roots of self expression. Self expression through playfulness, resourcefulness, man-hours and collaboration; the way it should be done.

More details of the event are below

New Folk Visionaries

The work is on show at The Bell, Walthamstow.
(617 Forest Road, E17 4NE London, United Kingdom)
until June 15th

Hope you can get down to see it.

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