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In Time. Over Time

neo:studios is delighted to announce ”In Time, Over Time”, an international group exhibition of neo: members and invited artists exploring the theme of repetition. The exhibition runs from 3rd July to 10th August in neo:gallery22, The Market Place, Bolton, BL1 2AN. The Gallery is open from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm on Thursday to Sunday.

Each artist in the exhibition is currently working with themes of repetition within their practice. Exhibitors explore this theme through the use of repetitive art making processes, the reproduction or recurrent use of imagery or the collection of similar images and objects. Some exhibitors have also chosen to approach the theme of repetition through the dissection of repetitive human and animal behaviour or the recurrence of powerful emotions and obsessions.

Taking part in the exhibition are artists Rachael Elwell, Beatie Fox, Glynn Griffiths, Bethan Hamilton, Katie Honan, Naomi Lethbridge, Lindsay Amanda Lowcock, Josef Minta, Faye Scott-Farrington, Mohammed Samim Shafiq, Jason Simpson, Berenice Staiger, Jenny Steele, Roos van Haaften, Denis Whiteside and Teresa Wilson. Bethan Hamilton is the curator.

You are warmly invited to the preview which is on Saturday 5th July from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

Contact julie.levy@neoartists.co.uk for press enquiries (07789 725753) and jason@neoartists.co.uk (07855 369522) for gallery enquiries.

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